Whirl-Y-Gig Club Flyers from 2004 by Charlie de Montagnac

"Whirl-Y-Gig" is London's longest running night-club, first opening it's doors in 1981. The original flyer design, on which today's version is based, was created using ink and Letraset during the early eighties by the Whirl-Y-Gig's pioneering DJ Richard Sutcliff, AKA 'Monkey Pilot'. For twenty years, month by month, Richard gently modified his artwork in order to print subsequent flyers. Beyond the year 2000 Letraset transfer lettering had practically disappeared, making it necessary to redraw the flyer digitally. The task was taken up by my friend Matt Smith who had known the club from his University days. Matt, a precision perfect designer, began the process of change while simultaneously preserving a clear link with Richard's original concept. Below is a selection of designs produced since 2003 when the task was passed to me.

Upper Rim