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Storage and Backing Up
Hard disk failure is one of the most common computer related problems. Every hard drive manufactured will at some point fail, which is why it's of critical importance to have a back-up strategy. The simplest option is to connect an external disk via USB cable and back-up the system and your work using the Mac'c built in Time Machine software. Although we are not, strictly speaking, a computer repair company, we are nevertheless capable of fixing or improving many basic hardware issues.

If you need to replace or expand your storage space, internally or externally, we can provide you with compatible media and carry out the initial set-up for you. If you suspect that your hard disk has a problem, do call us for our opinion or diagnosis. A typical scenario could be a Mac that remains on the grey start-up screen with the Apple logo, never moving on to the desktop. If it is confirmed that your hard disk is the problem it should be replaced, as the disk will certainly deteriorate. Your valuable files can be saved and transferred to a freshly supplied disk.

Memory Boosts
Increasingly powerful modern computers are always accompanied by increasingly resource hungry applications. For many of us the proliferation of resource hungry software is putting greater strain on our older model computers. As so many of us can testify, merely browsing the World Wide Web these days demonstrates the stress older machines have to bear, as the become slower and slower. One simple solution is to increase your computer's memory or RAM. Give me a call to see if it might be worth trying to give the old machine a lift.

The machine I originally used to build this website is an old Powermac G4, purchased in 2004. On it there are many applications running simultaneously including an editor, a couple of browsers, a photo application, an email program, an FTP client, iTunes and more. It's old but shows little sign of giving up and as such I'm quite happy to continue using it.


Note that in an event where you have a seriously damaged disk which contains very important data, it may be necessary to send it to a specialist data recovery lab. These environmentally controlled, high tech laboratories are expensive to run, so expect to pay a heavy charge. If you want to avoid paying heavy charges for data recovery I recommend establishing your backup policy before the situation arises.

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